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me, a girl with half-brown half-blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin and pink clothing
   call me kitty or kiki
   any pronouns
   sapphic girlflux
   isfp 4w5 neutral good
   pisces cap cancer
   fifteen years old
   greek lebanese british
haii i'm kitty but you can also call me kiki or cattie    i am a femme lesbian girly girl(flux) who has a passion for all things cute ! i like to spend my time drawing, blogging, writing, daydreaming, coding, reading, tarot card reading and gaming :3 i am heavily into fashion and my style consist of pastel colours, cardigans, overalls, glitter eyeshadow and girly motifs while i don't like to align myself with one specific style, aesthetic or subculture, i do take inspiration from a variety of different subcultures and aesthetics, like coquette, babycore, yume kawaii, jojifuku, shibu kawaii, combining them in a way that reflects my personal taste ! despite being chubby i am quite confident in my style politics is a heavy interest of mine, particularly prison abolition, researching cia antics and the cold war. i'm not that interested in debate though, i just like learning about theory and history ! i love cats and i make frequent meow noises as a tic as well as a stim. i have a cat of my own called ditzy doo who was born on april fools. i collect plushies, anime figs, crystals, cds, as well as just cute things in general ! i have autism + adhd so i can sometimes be perceived as 'off', please be respectful i'm from a cozy town in england so english is my main language but i can speak some arabic and french as i grew up in lebanon ! however i am very white passing. my gender is fluid on a feminine spectrum, and while i mostly prefer and get called by she/her, i don't mind any pronouns ! i can be described as childish, talkative, antithetical and emotional. i have a very heavy heart which inspires me to write my poems and musings. currently i'm a student + hobbyist but i would love a future in web and/or graphic design i'm the type of girl who you can always hear approaching because of all my keychains on my bag clashing about and my big platform boots clomping ! i have a sweet tooth and i once ate 10 cupcakes in a row. i am a kinnie and i kin rapunzel, marcy wu, yui hirasawa, luz noceda, kotoko utsugi, usagi tsukino and quinni gallagher-jones just to name a few !

  the colour pink, my cat, "girly" stuff, animals, sanrio, magical girls, boba tea

  mint ice cream, sensory issues, popcorn, meanies, crowds, tummy aches, maths