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free palestine:

decolonize palestine - a simple introduction to palestine !

bds movement - a list of companies to boycott in support of palestine

palestine children's relief fund - a fund that provides free medical care to thousands of injured and ill children in palestine

medical aid for palestinians - a charity that help palestinians in palestine as well as refugees

save the children gaza fund - a fund that provides a ton of facilities to gaza

palestine resources - a google doc compiling a bunch of links in regard to palestine

crisis in lebanon:

the causes, nature, and effect of the current crisis of lebanese capitalism - an article about what led to the current crisis in lebanon

what is lebanon's 'thawra' (revolution) about ? - an article on the protests in lebanon

lebanese food bank - an organisation to end hunger in lebanon

global aid for lebanon - donate towards aid for lebanon

web developing:

w3schools - the BEST website to learn multiple forms of coding !

stack overflow - if you're stuck on a piece of code you can ask other users for help :D

sadgrl's html and css guides - beginner guides on the basics of html and css

responsive checker - preview what your website looks on mobile, tablet, desktop and custom resolutions

custom scrollbar maker - self explanatory for what this does lol

sadgrl's layout builder - a basic structural layout by the wonderful sadgrl

px to rem converter - px to rem converter for my fellow coders who hate maths

colour contrast accessibility validator - make sure that your sites colours are accessible to everyone !

dead link checker - also self explanatory for what this does

html cheat sheet - many tools what just makes navigating html easier

website spell checker - i had so many spelling errors on this site and yeah this helped a LOT

hover.css - a bunch of css hover effects !

seamless texture checker - preview how bgs will look tiled


the useless web - takes you to a random useless website

bongo cat - bongo cat meme simulator thingy :3

mlp france - (almost) every piece of my little pony media in both english and french !

sylvanian families colouring - exactly as it says, sylvanian families colouring pages :D

the asenheim project - free nostalgic visual novels

ds player - free nintendo ds player ! you can download ds game files from romspedia


how to download books from - a reddit thread about, as the name suggests, how to download books from

how to backup your tumblr blog - a google doc on backing up a tumblr blog

deploy to neocities template - how to use deploy to neocities to update your site without having to open neocities built in coder

aiston's rss tutorial - how to make your own rss feed

how to burn a cd - burn a cd and made a mixtape for your friends :D


why japanese web design is so different - an article about how the cultural, linguistic and technical factors make japanese web design unique

social media use and health and well-being of lgbtq youth - an article about the health effects of social media on more privileged kids vs less privileged kids

keep the web free, say no to web3 - an article about the new internet wave and its problems

cia reading room - declassified cia documents. my fave ones that you can look up are project mk-ultra, project star gate and operation mockingbird !

red texts - an archive of communist readings

why do we say acab - an article about the polices human rights abuses and alternatives to the police force

other links:

loyal citizens of pyongyang in seoul - a documentary about north korea

pick me up i'm scared - my favourite podcast ! click here for my absolute fave episodes :3

fatphobia busters faq - a google doc compiling anti-fat debunking, book recs and more