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pafu and aroma from go! princess pretty cure

wednesday 24th of july 2024

written at: 13:09
feeling: silly

MY VOICE IS BACK summer holidays just started uhhhh *checks watch* yesterday ! and to start it off i got shat on. by a bird apparently that means i have good luck so yay??? i guess???? anyyywayz i decorated my ds ! lookies !

a white nintendo ds covered in stickers

and yesterday, while i was on my way to get boba and the stickers for my ds i came across this !!

a bunch of anime dvds

MADOKA MAGICA ??? in MY small english town ?????? i didn't buy it as the dvd player we have i broke when i was like 8 trying to put 2 dvds into the dvd player so i could watch 2 barbie movies at the same time. i don't remember the other barbie movie but one of them was barbie and the 12 dancing princesses. still the best barbie movie in my opinion !

anyway imma go play on my ds, watch princess precure and play with my sylvanian families. baiiiiii

kangel from needy stramer overload

saturday 13th of july 2024

written at: 17:03
feeling: a little sick

meow !!!! i'm feeling a little unwell as I CAN'T FUCKING SPEAK. like i haven't spoke normally for 2 days. i am a YAPPER i need my ability to YAP my voice isn't completely gone, i can sometimes talk but it is very squeaky and it makes my throat hurt. is this karma. i'm sorry god i just don't know when to shut up ! but also thats your fault for giving me adhd and autism. how am i gonna infodump about my hyperfixations now. the only upside is that my screaming tics are silent now lol. its summer break in 1 week and a bit :D i've been coding LOTS and i'm currently working on a nso mini fan game !

my needy streamer overload mini fan game

i've also been reading the manga and i NEED to play the minigames. theres also rumours that there might be an anime :0 also i was wrong about my new hyperfixation. its bluey. anyway baii and please pray for my ability to yap.

text saying 'patrick bateman for autistic women' then an image of ame-chan from needy streamer overload

mametchi from the sanrio x tamagotchi collab

sunday 16th of june 2024

written at: 21:55
feeling: eepy

wasssup jubiland nation !! i just got out of a really bad depressive episode today is fathers day so my family went out to eat lebanese food. i am #1 hommus, kibbeh and pine nuts lover !!! they have been my comfort foods since i was a wee lad. my friend also recommended me a korean convenience store nearby and THERE WAS SOOO MUCH SEAWEED MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH i just eated 2 packets as well as a boba i got there which was in a can which is interesting. i love seaweed. did i mention i love seaweed. i also got some pick pads for my dermatillomania (chronic skin picking disorder) and i really recommend them for fellow dermatillomaniacs :D (pssst ! click here for tips for dermatillomania). school ends in couple weeks which means summer holidays which means trip to florida ! i want to see everything you see in american films and american youtubers vlogs. i want to see a yellow school bus. i want to go to hot topic. i want to eat at ihop. i want to go to walmart. i want free refills. i want to stay in one of those houses that you can easily climb onto the roof. i want to go to target. i want to eat all your sickly american foods. i want to go THRIFTING !!!! i also think i have found my new hyperfixation: tamagotchis ! bye bye taylor swift (jk i still love you tay tay). as of right now i only have 3 tamagotchis; a standard one, a demon slayer nano one and the y3k edition one. i've been researching on all the different types of tamagotchis, the characters, oh and i wanna watch the anime eeeee this pic is literally me

greg from diary of a wimpy kid dreaming about a tamagotchi

anyway baiii

sanrio characters on a rainbow
saturday 1st of june 2024

written at: 12:24
feeling: gay #pride

nyaaaaaaaaaa !!! last weekend was comic con and it was FUN !!! saw so many cool cosplays i wan to go as madoka next year :3 a had a bad experience on the way back tho. warning for sexual harassment
some grown man came into the train, sat right across from me, started manspreading wide as hell making sure everyone on the train would smell his masculinity, then suddenly crossed his legs. at first i thought he just needed to piss really badly but then he started taking pictures of me
anywayyyyy half term ends on monday so i have to go back to school poo poo. also i added secret page mwahahaha. if you find it let me know also its the first day of pride month. come collect your f(l)ags

pride flags

lesbian is already taken by me, sorry !

wish me mell from sanrio
wednesday 22nd of may 2024

written at: 18:27
feeling: thirsty 'cause i eated too many seaweed thins (they're so good tho)

wassup jubiland nation. my little jubilandians. did you pay your taxes to the jubiland goverment. jubiland jail is not fun. jk i don't believe in jail. go read are prisons obsolete by angela davis. its required by the jubiland goverment in order to raise literary rates in the democratic peoples nation of jubiland. anyway enough playing dictator 'tis comic con this weekenddd !!! i'm gonna go as pearl (again) as well, i dont have any other costumes lol. ALSO guess where i'm going this summer. floridaaa ! its one hell of a drugg. floridaaaaaaaa !!!! (yes i'm still in my taylor swift hyperfixation) anyway i've been busy switching browsers, thank you to macaque for his article 'why you should use firefox (and extension recommendations)' ! just look at how PINK i can make everything

my browser new tab page

the time widget is a littlee off center but whatever i'll fix it later. also i can still use my code snippets with the stylus extension so if you use firefox and want to use my code snippets you can use that ! however it only support css so you'll have to just copy the css part (the bit inbetween 'var c = `' and '`; addStyleString(c); }') and it'll work just fine :) anyway goodbye loyal jubiland citizens

my melody getting fanned
sunday 12th of may 2024

written at: 13:44
feeling: overheated

its late spring currently but its so hot in england at the moment it feels like summer ! i least i get to wear my jorts (i love jorts). yesterday my family had a barbecue and we tried to look for the northern lights in the sky. we didn't see anything though i think we're too far south my friend convinced me to play honkai star rail, i love kafka lol. OH YEAH i haven't talked about the new taylor swift album on here yet ! I LOVE IT !!!! my faves are who's afraid of little old me and florida ! been playing badminton lately and going on walks and god i can feel it in my legs. i also went to brighton to visit the hello kitty cafe once again !!!

artbox hello kitty and friends cafe artbox hello kitty and friends cafe artbox hello kitty and friends cafe

so cute !!! i also got a couple things while i was in brighton, looky

a clock, hairclips and a purse

i also got some pride pins 'cause brighton is the gay capital babyyyy ! also season 3 of heartbreak high is confirmed YEEEEEEEEE :D also i dyed my hair. again.


in the mornings after getting ready, i've started taking pictures of myself as i recently realized that i have very few photos from when i was a tween due to my insecurities, which prevented me from taking many pictures of myself during that time. i'm sad i don't have many photos of tween me to reflect on so i've make a point to take more pictures of myself so i can look back on in the future :D anyway that its baiiiiii

my melody

saturday 13th of april 2024

written at: 14:28
feeling: tummy ache AGAIN

haiiiii :3 ik its currently spring my fave season but listening to moon girl by ha vey is making me excited for summer ! this summer my family is deciding where we should go, we're thinking like ireland or something :) OH YEAH it was easter !! it feels like it happened a long time ago but i haven't made an entry about it so in a lot of european cultures we dye eggs for easter, and then we smash them !!! and whoevers egg doesn't crack/cracks the least is the superior egg :D then we eat the eggs. apart from me 'cause i don't like eggs. heartbreak high season 2 came out 2 days ago and i'm already watching it for the 2nd time :D heartbreak high spoilers !
me when i found out what ca$h's name stood for :( also so many unexpected ships this season, well like 2 ships but STILL ant and harper ?? spider and missy ??? i mean it works. also still need an apology from sasha to quinni. AND harper + dusty for what they did to malakai. everyone in the show keeps on going about how ameries an asshole but they're all assholes tbh. apart from quinni. she did nothing wrong <3 LOVED seeing more of missy ! this show is diverse in every catagory except different body types and i think they listened to that criticism and added ONE fat character who was insufferable poop.
anyway i went to a cat cafe !!! look at all the kittys aww little meow meows so eepyy

a tabby cat sleeping a tabby cat sleeping

also this void kitty. a black hole kitty.

a black cat sleeping

anyway thats it bai bai

my melody
saturday 23rd of march 2024

written at: 14:59
feeling: tummy ache :(

its been over a month since my last blog entry HAIII so last wednesday i turned 15 omg !!! looky what i got:

clothes my melody giant plush
my melody notebook

i love my melo as you can tell hehe >:3 as i turned 15, i just HAD to listen to the taylor swift song 15 'CAUSE WHEN YOU'REEEE, FIFTEEEEEEN !!!! anyways I'M SO EXCITED FOR NEXT MONTH because both ttpd AND heartbreak high s2 are coming out :D i'm rewatching heartbreak high with my parents for like the 3rd time lol. i'm working on a sewing project right now as one of my mini skirts is a littleeee short (aka my whole ass is out) and i want to wear it when the weather gets a bit warmer :) anyway baizies !

hello kitty

sunday 11th of febuary 2024

written at: 21:22
feeling: filled with food yummyy :3

ajakjddjsjs i'm coding this on my phone as i left my laptop at home >:3 its half term break and i'm in london !!! today i went to the cute exhibition at somerset house, looky:

aya takano's art

i saw aya takano's art IRL !!!!!

hello kitty wall

this thingy shows hello kitty throughout the years and i'm just mad because THEY PUT ICHIGOMAN INSTEAD OF HELLO KITTY ON THE 2012 ONE ????? fake fans fr /j (edit: apparently ichigoman is hello kitty's alter ego, turns out i'm the fake fan lol. in my defence my melo is my speciality not hello kitty)

also awhile ago i lost my buttercup pin from a powerpuff girls pin set and someone else found it and damaged it BUTTTT i went to forbidden planet and i got a singular buttercup pin and now THE POWERPUFF GIRLS HAVE BEEN REUNITED ONCEE AGAINNN !!!!!!

my bag pins

i've only stayed here 2 days but i still miss ditzy so much, i keep a picture of her in my locket to honour her <3 anyway bai bai

my melody excited
monday 5th of febuary 2024

written at: 8:25
feeling: EXCITED !!

OKAY SO i know i just wrote a blog entry BUT I NEED TO WRITE ANOTHER RN !!!!!!!! if you're not an insane swiftie i'm just gonna explain what happened; so the grammy awards was yesterday and taylor swift won album of the year for the 4th time (i'm so proud of her akssjjfj, also this was her 13th grammy award aka her lucky number :3) and SHE ANNOUNCED TS11, AKA A NEW ALBUM AHHHH !!!!!!!!!! its called the tortured poets department which ngl feels like a lana del rey album title. i feel like this ones gonna be a great lyrical album i'm gonna need to read the dictionary to understand. i swear taylor YOU CAN TAKE A BREAK like midnights, a world tour, speak now tv, 1989 tv and now A WHOLE NEW FUCKING ALBUM GIRL ? istg i was expecting reputation (taylor's version) BUT THIS IS EVEN BETTER :D i was so fucking clowned with the greyscale pfp and the text 'hneriergrd' on her website (which when rearranged, reads 'red herring'). is it just me or does ttpds aesthetic giving beige mum lol. also her grammy outfit i LOVE ! especially the necklace with the clock that points to midnight ! i'm now leaning more into the theory that she'll announce rep tv in tokyo :3 not that i'm not grateful for all shes put out so far but like this women works HARD. apparently the new album is gonna be synth pop and there will be 16 tracks including a bonus track called 'the manuscript'. anyway uhh thats it i'm just in the middle of a taylor swift hyperfixation,

kangel from needy streamer overload

sunday 4th of febuary 2024

written at: 15:02
feeling: unbearable because of period cramps OWWWWWWWWWWWWIEEEE

meeeeeow ! last weekend i went to comic con :D i dressed up as pearl from the movie pearl hehe ~ anyway looky what i got

my shoes my shoes

these angel wings that tie onto my shoelaces :3 i feel like i'm gonna fly off to heaven :0

hello kitty toy car

and this hello kitty toy car vroom vrooooooooom !!!

just one more week until half term break and i get to go to london ! i'm gonna go to artbox, get boba & pastries from chinatown, see my family, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! i was also planning to go to the sylvanian families shop BUT IT CLOSED DOWN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sob sob .. anyway i dyed the side of my hair that was blonde, pink !


lately i've been playing needy streamer overload, doodling while watching derry girls, writing poetry (do NOT ask to read it ..) anddd nothing else really, baiiiiiiiiii :3

my melody

monday 15th of january 2024

written at: 15:47
feeling: cozy

hello jubiland citizens :3 this past week i've been a little depressed and didn't go outside for like a week BUT I AM BETTER NOW YAY !!! this morning my mum was like "now NO POLITICS AT SCHOOL" and like my first lesson (english) we were talking about plastic pollution and i could NOT keep my mouth shut ! i started going on about how its the big corporations fault that they make essentials us consumers need to survive unsustainable, how capitalism cares more about profit than the environment, and to stop this we need not to recycle but have a revolution. so uh sorry mum the autism won today i guess lol. anyway i've been doodling lots at school and at my desk so heres some of my drawings :D

doodles doodles doodles doodles

i've also got so many books to read/finish ! the secret history, women race & class, bunny, american psycho, new socialism .. i hope to have read all (or at least most) by the end of the year :3

cinnamoroll from sanrio

sunday 7th of january 2024

written at: 10:35
feeling: nostalgic

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! i'm turning 15 this year wow. that age feels too serious. lets look back at 2023 :3

i started the year dying my hair red, which is probably my favourite hair colour i've done so far :D (i did dye my hair red in december 22 but i did a bad bleach job and it didn't show up that well)

,e dying my hair me

in febuary i went to brighton !!!! yay !!! here are some pics from that

my melody plushie the hello kitty and friends artbox cafe

in march it was my 14th birthday and i started packing to go to beirut :D for my 14th birthday i got the life changing communist manifesto lol

me my suitcase

in april i started working on this site ! i also went to beirut, the city i grew up in and haven't been able to go for 4 years because of airport riots and the pandemic (i have more photos but they're in my digital camera and idk where it is rn so these are some airport pics !)

me in the airport taylor swift magazine

in may i went to london twice !! once to go see mrs doubtfire the musical (on that trip i got this super cute madoka figure !!!) and on the other trip i went to comic con :D

madoka kaname figure plushies

in june, I GOT MY KITTEN DITZY DOO !!!!!! aw she was only a baby a few months ago, they grow up so fast

my cat ditzy doo my cat ditzy doo

nothing big happened in july, so here are some pics of ditzy :3

my cat ditzy doo my cat ditzy doo

in august i went to france ! also dyed my hair pink

me me

in september, school started, my hair faded to this strawberry blonde-ish colour and my sylvanian families collection was growing !!!

my sylvanian families collection me

in october, came the hazel callahan obsession .. i don't have many pics of that month as i was busy doing my gcses so here is hazel (go watch bottoms rn !)

hazel callahan from bottoms hazel callahan from bottoms

in november i dyed my hair half blonde half brown ! (the left pic is actually a recent one but i just wanted to show my hair and i didn't like any of the pics from november that showed my hair so) also heres ditzy again

me my cat ditzy doo

in december, ditzy got spayed. the first pic was when she got home from the surgery and was trying to take the cone off bless her (she managed so get her jaw stuck so we had to help her) the next pic is her recovered :)

my cat ditzy doo my cat ditzy doo

and that wraps up 2023 ! hope your year has been great too :D

my melody and my sweet piano ice skating

saturday 30th of december 2023

written at: 13:55
feeling: nervexcited for the new year :'D

tomorrow's the last day of 2023 .. wowza !!! in my culture we smash pomegranates for good fortune in the upcoming year as well as santa's greek counterpart agios vassilis comes on new years yesterday i went ice skating which i haven't done in ageeessssss ! i used to do ice skating lessons but its been a while since then so i held onto one of those penguin thingies. i've also been making oobleck :3 ditzy doo (my cat) has fully recovered from her spade surgery and i'm so proud of her !!! i've been working on something for you guys, i haven't finished as i'm working with a coding language i'm newly familiar with (javascript) but heres a sneek peek !

my dress up game

my guessing game my tidying game

you can click on the images to play :3 bai baiiiiiii

kiki and lala from sanrio

sunday 26th of december 2023

written at: 13:54
feeling: content

YOOOOOOO MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! well ig technically its boxing day but whatever i was busy !! heres some stuff i got:

my christmas presents

i also got lots of nail polish, a keffiyeh, a new desk and more :D thank you so much to all my friends and family that gave me presents this year !

lately i've been trying out middlepot's code snippets to inject codes into websites, and editing them to suit my preferences ! just look how cute:

youtube with my snippet

copy text

tumblr with my snippet

copy text

discord with my snippet

copy text

as my little digital present for you; i added the code so you can use my versions as well :) tutorial on how to inject code + the original versions is on middlepot's blog archive ! this isn't the christmas present i originally planned to give you guys because i am no. 1 procrastinator but i hope this will suffice. merry christmas ya filthy animals !!! /ref

cinnamoroll on a stroll

sunday 21st of december 2023

written at: 15:56
feeling: alrighty

CHRISTMAS IS IN 4 DAYS WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ??!!!! also happy winter solstice eve :D its the season of listening to back to december, christmas tree farm, tis the damn season, snow on the beach and forever winter !!! the holidays are nice but i miss hanging out my school friends instead of sitting on my ass coding all day, so to get out of the house i've been going on a lot of walks while listening to folklore and evermore lately ! today on my walk i went into town and bought some christmas presents for my family, as well as a book called bunny by mona awad ! for christmas i asked for a new lip tint, ariana grande perfume, some political books and a new desk :3 i'm from a multicultural family so as well as father christmas coming, his greek counterpart agios vassilis is coming !! however agios vassilis comes on new years day not christmas day.

a bunny decorating a christmas tree

sunday 17th of december 2023

written at: 18:27
feeling: com see com sa

haiiiiii me againnnn >:D school broke up on friday which means its officially the christmas holidays !! the performance at my school fayre went very well (everyone clapped at me and my friends duet the loudest hehe). i'm staying in england for christmas for the 5th time in a row, i would of liked to go somewhere but i don't think beirut is safe atm :( i also want to mention that you guys were NAUGHTY and are NOT getting the christmas present i promised you!!!! joking joking, i just got too lazy and didn't finish it lol. i've been looking at old versions of my site on the waveback machine (which i didn't archive my site, you guys did, so thank u !) and even though my site hasn't been through any major changes, i'm still proud of how its come to be ! also for the first time i've seen people take inspo/snippets of code from me, which i know a lot of webmasters don't like when people do that as they've worked so hard on coding their sites, but personally i've very happy that people are being inspired by me i'm currently moving rooms and my new room is so much bigger ! anyway i have nothing else to say sooo baiii

cinnamoroll with a christmas wreath

saturday 2nd of december 2023

written at: 14:52
feeling: festive :D

IT IS CHRISTMAS SEASON BABY !!! WOOOO !!!! this is ditzy's (my cat) first christmas omg !! she got her own advent calender which is full of yummies :3 i also have an advent calender which is a custom one made by my mum ! i'm also working on a christmas present for you guys so BE GOOD OR NO PREZZIE !! i'm gonna sing christmas tree farm by taylor swift with my friend at my schools christmas fair next week yeeeeeee ! also spotify wrapped is out and (you guessed it) my top artist is taylor swift ! on my dads spotify account, where i mostly listen to music, i'm top 3% of taylor fans while on my own spotify account i'm top 5% of fans. i'm currently listening to evermore a lot as that album gives me winter vibes :3 oh and if you haven't noticed already i made a christmas theme ! teehee baiiii

my melody ice skating

tuesday 14th of november 2023

written at: 20:06
feeling: sick 'cause i ate paint

meowwwwwwww ! i cleared out my blog !! time for a fresh start :3 i've been kinda busy coding and drawing every. single. day. for the past like 2 months but i think i've finally found a continuous art style :D maybe i'll display some of my newer art on my art page when i become more confident in it ! brrrrrr its getting so cold in england,,, but it least that means christmas is coming so YAY !!! though i wish halloween is as long lived as christmas, sadly my halloween costume came a few days late i'm thinking maybe i'll re-use it and dress up as pearl for comic con or something !