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꒰ figures ꒱

a picture of a hatsune miku figure and a madoka kaname figure

a picture of fluttershy, princess celestia, sunset shimmer, twilight sparkle and applejack pony figurines

a picture of meilin lee, hello kitty, pochacco, carrie white and pennywise funko pops

a picture of a cat miku figure and a princess serenity figure

a figure of bebe from madoka magica

a figure of cheerilee from my little pony

꒰ cds ꒱

a picture of cds from different bands and artists such as; babymetal, korn, slipknot, deftones, cannibal corpse, the cure, type o negitive and nine inch nails

꒰ crystals ꒱

a picture of a miniture tree made out of rose quartz crystals and wire

a picture of a box with different kinds of crystals in it and a bracelet made out of rose quartz beads

꒰ plushies ꒱

a picture of lots of different plushies on a bed

꒰ keychains & pins ꒱

a picture with lots of different pins and keychains

꒰ miscellaneous ꒱

a picture of a desk with miscellanous items

a blue tamagotchi

   figures - count: 19, been collecting since summer 2020 (?)

   cds - count: 16, been collecting since winter 2021

   crystals - count: 35, been collecting since 2019

   plushies - count: 38+, been collecting since forever

   sylvanian families - count: 2 playsets + 10 dolls, been collecting since 2023

   sanrio merch - count: 36+, been collecting since i was young

   tamagotchis - count: 3, been collecting since 2022/23

   dolls - count: 1, i had
a few (mainly knockoff) ones when i was young but i'm beginning to collect them again :3

   sonny angels - count: 1, just starting to collect them !
i also used to collect trains tickets ! i had over 100 but i stopped collecting because covid stopped the trains. some things i want to start collecting or are just beginning to collect are; dolls, sonny angels, and tamagotchis. my biggest collection is definitely my collection of plushies :D from build-a-bears to squishmallows to beanie boos my collection is ever growing :3 my sanrio merch collection is like 90% my melody. i've also stopped collecting cds as of recent as i want to focus on collecting other things ! my dream is to have a collection of 4 leaf clovers however i've never found one :(