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              ꒰ about this site ꒱

jubiland is a combination of my passions, style and interests ! it is my virtual haven where i wallow in my self indulgence tehe. jubiland started construction on the 15th of april 2023 and is ever changing. the name of my site, jubiland, was inspired by the anime pretty cure where in the english dub they called marchenland, jubiland :0

              ꒰ hosting ꒱

neocities - the site itself is hosted by neocities

dropbox - for audio files

              ꒰ accessibility ꒱

javascript is required for this website. this site is designed to be accessible on most devices, with optimization for a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 in firefox, which is my primary browser. i've added alternative text to all non-decorative images for better understanding, however i haven't tested it using a screen reader. there are buttons to play flashing/blinking gifs. any tips on how to make this site more accessible to all users is very appreciated !

              ꒰ age rating ꒱

there is occasional profanity, so i would categorize it as falling within the PG-13 range !

              ꒰ special thanks to ꒱

middlepot - for being the main inspiration for this site

fraiisiemimi - for making the picrew on my about page as well as the drawing on the index page !

soleste - for making assets that make my site at least 20% cuter ! (yes that was an mlp reference hehe)

sftbune - for making some lovely frames for my icons :D

ayano - for making the chatbox !

pixabay - for some sound effects i used in my mini games - for the animated title tab effect

useful angle - for the animated favicon script

jfledd - for the jwordle code

spacefem - for how i made the quizzes

createshaa - for making the super cute 'winkle' font !

              ꒰ disclaimers ꒱

   i've sourced graphics from all over the internet for this site, and sometimes where it comes from slips my mind. if i happened to include your work on my site please reach out to me via the contact page to request credit or removal !

   links to external websites does not imply full endorsement of their content. these links are provided in good faith, so if any of the linked sites contain hateful content, please inform me

   the only data i collect is through web analytics sites such as flag counter and goatcounter, which does not collect personal data, nor can i track the percentages to an individual. though some of the hosting sites i use does collect other data, that info goes to their database not mine. you can see what hosting sites i use here

              ꒰ archived pages ꒱



              ꒰ site ideas ꒱

   media log (theres no platform where i can track movies, tv shows, books AND video games)

   french translation

   webring for pink websites


   ocs page

   choice based story game

   mlp, taylor swift and my melo shrine

   light/dark theme

   tarot card game