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how did you get into web design ?

my first web design experience was when i was 10 and bored in quarantine looking through instagram and came across a carrd link in someone's bio. feeling inspired i made one myself which didn't look too good. between 2020 and 2022 (maybe pushing 2023 a bit) i continued with carrd and made numerous websites that looked significantly better than my initial try. in 2022 i came across a website called rentry, which is its own, very simple, form of coding. to preserve my carrds, i copied and pasted them into neocities (yes i'm now aware that thats against carrds terms of service but shhhhh) and that was the point where i started becoming more knowledgeable about coding concepts. i know copying code is a controversial topic, but i would have never got into coding and started my own original projects if not for my ignorant plagiarism

why do you like to disclose that you are autistic on the web ?

i choose to disclose that i am autistic on the web because it is an important aspect of who i am ! my autism affects a significant part of my life and helps explain certain behaviors. by sharing this on the web, i hope to help spread awareness and acceptance while also connecting with fellow autistic people who can relate to me

who/what are you inspired by ?

while i don't like to align myself with one specific style, aesthetic or subculture, as i feel like it limits my self expression, i do draw inspiration from a variety of different styles and aesthetics, such as; coquette, babycore, yume kawaii, jojifuku, and shibu kawaii, combining them in a way that reflects my personal taste !

some people that inspire me:

middlepot - she is who inspired me to make this site ! everytime i go to her site it feels like i'm being hugged by a soft teddy bear <3

madeline pendleton - she inspires so much of my politics, i love the way they runs his business on a socialist platform and her podcast is super educational​

some people that inspire me art wise are; fraiisiemimi, julie_draculaura, cosidraws and 0qlt_27 !

can i take inspiration from you ?

yup, taking inspiration from me is a-ok ! feel free to reference or take snippets of my code, idgaf unless your overdoing it. however taking my assets is a no as my assets come from all over the place, most of them are f2u but some i made/edited myself or commissioned. the artists who made them are on my info page and you can find more on my materials page ! if you do take heavy inspo please do link my button which you can get here !

where else can i find you ?

i try to strive away from mainstream social media but you can find me on; pinterest, tumblr, spacehey, spotify, deviant art, letterboxd and github :3 i have other accounts on other platforms however these are the only ones that i publicly use

what happened to *insert old social media of mine* ?

i have no idea what your talking about /j

can we be friends ?

uhhh no. short answer is i just don't make friends in the interweb, i have dreadful social anxiety even online lol. i also use the internet away from irl people as a way to decompress and having someone online that expects me to socialise, especially in a way thats considered 'socially acceptable' is just too overwhelming

how can i contact you ?

pick your poison:

   leave a message on my neocities profile

   message me via discord

   via my contact page (which redirects to my email)

   or leave a comment on my chatbox

got any more questions ? feel free to message me !